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Acupuncture is an extremely unique yet useful tool to heal your mind, body, and soul. More than 50% of those who have tried acupuncture are satisfied with its long-lasting results.

So if acupuncture is such a great therapy, why aren't more people asking to use it? Why isn't it available in most doctor’s offices or at any hospitals?

Let’s leave Question #2 for another day. It's kind of complicated, and there would have to be a whole different website to answer that question. The majority of reasons most people decide not to try acupuncture are because of the needles, not to mention the time taken for a treatment to take place, and the amount of treatments needed for optimum recovery.

Recently, there have been new breakthroughs in the realm of acupuncture: Now, what if we told you that you could get the same beneficial treatments people have been getting for decades… at half the time, just about anywhere, and without needles?

Dr.Philip Marquez-McBee in Wilmington, Delaware is a board-certified acupuncturist, trained to use needles. He always looks for new solutions to utilize in his practice. Since making the switch, he is quite impressed with the results he received with his clients. For instance, a woman, Ms. Carol Gilchrist (you'll meet her later), who had severe lower back pain for nearly a decade, was in superb recovery within 2 months!

This site is about great innovators, taking healing modalities, and making them better. Thus, giving you the reader more choices for healing! Without the usual/unusual side effects given to you through the courtesy of The Pharmaceutical Family (Big Pharma). This site is meant to inform you.

Please feel free to look around, and be sure to come back periodically for updates.

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