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 The Acupuncturist : The Innovator of Ionic Tapping!

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The Story of Dr.Philip Marquez-McBee

How It All Started for Dr.Philip Marquez-McBee

“I received my first acupuncture treatment 37 years ago. Seven (7) months prior to that appointment, I received a severe horrific beating from a bunch of street thugs. their rewards for my takedown: $2750 in cash, my leather bomber 2 platinum pinky rings and my baby: A Baby Blue Stratocaster guitar autographed by an up and coming Guitar Wizard: Stevie Ray Vaughn.

The results of these knucklehead's attack; 53 stitches to my skull, a damage right hand (no feeling was felt for a long time ) 2 near fracture eye sockets, distrust, fear, and anger ruled my days...and life. After 12 treatments, I was able to muster the courage to take photos (as you can see on the right) and perform on stage from time to time. But my awakening was soon coming.”

The Calling

“I was enrolled in the University of Sydney, with intentions of getting a PhD in Music. In my head, I was going to be the next Jimi Hendrix...Boy was I mistaken! Even though I studied hard, I could not get my mind out of spiritual turmoil. I kept thinking: I must find spirituality, and I had to find it soon! A former band mate told me of a university that he felt would make it all come together for me .So I left Sydney for Canterbury.”

Canterbury… You Were a Life Saver!

“The University of Canterbury was such a rewarding experience. At the Canterbury College of Natural Medicine, I didn't just study acupuncture.. I learned it well! Dr. Chun -Yan Chen, not only trained me through all the basics, but he also gave me the spiritual guidance I searched for. Dr. Olav Skille, of Norway, and Hans Causto were my greatest mentors and greatest influences in my later years.

These 2 Phenoms spoke of using sound to heal the whole person. It was a bit far fetched for the common mind back then.. but I'm beginning to hear it more and more these days from the conventional doctors. HMMMMM!”

The Reward

“The day I received my Degree I felt victorious. All of the twist and turns in my life were just that...part of the plan! One of the muggers called me the loser when he was beating me. But on this day of graduation... I was a winner! I made history on that day: Receiving a combined Master/ PhD in Natural Medicine And was the first  Hispanic/African -American  to graduate from the college.

It was not long after graduation, when I started putting all that I learned in high gear. Fast forward, still treating people, assisting people to live holistically, advocating the rights of those whom want to live holistically...Yes.. I'm still living my dream! And in 2003....

I received that Doctorate in Music! Combining the power of music, along with my skills in acupuncture; I like to refer it as Sonic Medicine or 


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