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Dr. Philip Marquez-McBee, The Acupuncturist



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An ongoing series of informational entries

Get acupuncture for Wealth???

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May 31.2021 6:57 P.M.

Acupuncture can help with many different situations; but there a few people that question its legitimacy. But you must remember: acupuncture is not magic. A lot of people will visit the therapist, receive a treatment, but will not follow up on the program made by the therapist. Having an open mind and staying motivated is key:The plan won't work..If you don't work the plan!

Many people want to lose weight, stop drinking, stop using drugs: but let's say you had a treatment to stop eating junk food at 9:00 am, but at 11:00 a.m you are gorging down ice cream and already know the outcome! Acupuncture can help you achieve your desired goals: How? There are points(especially on the ear) when properly activated, send information to the brain, that will put  you in the right mindset. But can you obtain wealth by getting acupuncture? Nah! That can't be possible...could it?

Newsflash: Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet:They all have money.. There is no doubt of that! But what's more important is the fact they have a very valuable tool in their life toolbox. Can you guess what it is? Yep...A Millionaire or Money Mindset; being wealthy is a mindset , a lifestyle, a quest, who doesn't want to be rich??? not too many people I've talked to!

During the early stages of the pandemic, a few people asked if acupuncture could help them financially; one person in particular, was being treated by me previously for smoking and weight loss with very positive results. At first I kind of chuckled at the notion, then I thought: "Hey... if it worked for other conditions"... and I decided lets go! I had 6 clients: Each client received 3 to 4 points in their ear (ear seeds and ear tacks were used because they stay longer) I also kept them motivated by coaching them as much as possible. That was April 10th 2020. Fast forward May 31st 2021: Any millionaires?...No... but here are some interesting info for you: Out of the 6 I treated 4 are highly financially motivated; 2 of the 4 have joined forces and are putting together a fantastic vegan eatery set to open this November in San Diego, I am currently working with number 5: Hey..Nobody says getting and being motivated is easy....because it isn't! If your seriously looking for help I am seriously looking to help! And a personal message for number 6: If your'e listening or reading this blog: If you're wondering if I think you're a failure..No I Don't!...and  if you decide to try again...Let's begin...Again! Acupuncture could possibly make you wealthy! All it takes is an open mind, motivation...You gotta want it!​!!