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Auricular Medicine to Improve Your Health


Auricular Medicine

Auricular Medicine is a unique approach for healing the mind, body, and spirit. It uses the concept that the ear is a microhologram of the human body. In 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier, a French neurologist, introduced this therapy to Europe. However, Auricular Medicine's origin can be traced back as far as 3000 years ago in China!

This therapy is safe, practically painless, and just as effective as body acupuncture. Dr. Philip Marquez-McBee in Wilmington, Delaware recently received the proper certification to practice auricular medicine. He has been board certified in acupuncture since 1995, and the latest certification adds another dimension to his practice. He always looks for new and exciting ways to help people live

happier lives! Ear seeds are an amazing tool to help those looking to quit smoking, lose weight, improve libido, assist in pain relief, and helps with those suffering from anxiety/depression. And that's just a short list! Dr. Marquez- McBee  performs ear seed therapy in his practice for about $45; a little more if the condition is serious  Can't make it to the office? No problem! Dr. Marquez-McBee is an Ear seeds affiliate! This company produce very beautiful, yet reliable products, Please be sure to check the doctor's blog page for updates for the many uses of ear seeds and auricular medicine!  Namaste

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