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 The Acupuncturist : The Innovator of Ionic Tapping!

Pain Is Not a Lifestyle !!!

Pain is costly: Consider the effects that pain creates in this World; consider just in the United States alone. 

As of 2019: Nearly 28% of the U.S. Population either suffers or has suffered from some form of chronic pain. Chronic Pain impacts 2 out of every 5 adults.  36 million Americans missed work due to the high impact of chronic pain in a one year period! In other areas of the World (depending on where you live)., the percentage can be slightly higher or slightly lower. If you are living a painful life...are you really living? Prescription Meds bring some relief....but not without a price: The Opioid Epidemic is running rampant in the U.S. with signs of it not slowing down! Nearly 2.5 million Americans misuse pain prescription medication...2.5 million! I'm not saying this to shame anyone who is addicted...it hurts my heart deeply to see or hear of those living in pain. Yes, dear reader, pain (of any kind) is not a lifestyle! But the good news is there is help available..hope is available...and maybe it can be done Drug-Free: N-a-t-u-r-a-l-l-y! Acupuncture was once looked upon as a novelty; Think about it Before Tylenol, Oxycotin, Fentanyl, there was acupuncture...Centuries old!! And if you are worried about the needles...you need not be: the average acupuncture needle is literally hair-thin, and the pain is very minimum. My practice offers needleless acupuncture at a very agreeable cost...So there is no pain in the pocket either! I charge$50  for Sonic Massage and Acupuncture via Laser or Tuning Fork. The results are nothing short of satisfying!  As you may have read about my life of earlier years, I received a brutal beating and nearly left for dead; it was a sonic treatment given to me by an acupuncturist in Chinatown, that helped save my life. This is what I  believe. So if I may give a little advice to you. If you are in pain. (it does not matter what kind of pain you are in) And you want relief, I suggest you seek the help of an acupuncturist: You might be surprised by the end result! Live your life like it's golden.....Because it is!!!!

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