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Sonopuncture (The Next Level)

Did you know?

 The human body is subjected to over10,000 frequencies daily. No...Really??

 Birds chirping, traffic, machinery, the droning of streetlights, the ocean....It's endless! 

Good News, there are frequencies which are audible and inaudible that you can benefit from, ie; The ocean, rain and chimes, these help to soothe the body and mind. 

Bad News, Some frequencies, audible and inaudible wreak havoc on the mind and body, ie; Sirens, construction sites(especially jackhammers) angry voices and gunshots. These are reasons why high crime areas produce so much depression and aggression! So, you may ask, how can I fix this?  Sonopuncture could be the solution. 

Think of the human body as a unique musical choir: When you are feel great, you are receiving beneficial frequencies; and in turn, you radiate great frequencies. When you feel bad, you feel distracted or out of tune!  Sonopuncture is acupuncture via soundwave energy. It can be used in conjunction with traditional acupuncture, or stand alone therapy (specially calibrated tuning forks placed on acupoints) The results are satisfying (to say the least) Lately, nearly 60% of my patients request sonopuncture treatments. One client, an Xtreme Athlete         ( I cannot reveal his name for now) receives a monthly "Tune Up" which consist of massage, sonopuncture, and specially designed tones he listens to prior to competition.

Are you ready you ready for the next level???

$175.00 per session.

With traditional acupuncture

$150.00 per session.